Sex Story#6: When Skin Touched Inside Pool

Sex Inside Pool

This is the story by James who had intimate moment with Kathlene in a swimming pool.

We five friends – Kathlene, James, Robert, Sam, Amanda arrived in a hotel after a very hectic weekday. The first impression of the hotel was not very good. It was far from the images we had seen on the Internet, but the interior was totally different. We had rented a duplex that became our new home as soon as we set foot in it. The most incredible thing of all was the view from our terrace, right in front of it we had the swimming pool. We could go from one side to the other in the blink of an eye. We were in a kind of cloud that we didn’t want to come down from.

We all needed to disconnect from our routine. We would count the hours, minutes and even seconds left to leave our work place for a few days and feel a little freer.

Despite the fact that there were very few rays of sunshine, we decided that the best way to inaugurate our well-deserved vacation was to take a good dip in that pool that looked so good and was completely empty waiting for us. My friends were having fun diving in a thousand ways, splashing around, fooling around, wetting each other… Meanwhile, I was relaxing on the deck chair paying no attention to anything but the sound of water and birds fluttering through the nearby trees.

Friends wanted to leave from the pool…but I stayed

Hey James! – I heard one of them screaming at me from afar. – We’re leaving now, are you staying? – I looked up and answered:

-I want to take my last bath. I’ll be right there. I said a little sleepy because of the level of relaxation I felt in my whole body.

I had been left absolutely alone, although I could perfectly hear the music coming from our terrace. I went to the edge of the pool and without thinking too much I dove in, being totally aware of how the water, a little cold, took away all the stress and frustration of the week as I dove in and came out again.

The Sensuous Voice

Is it very cold? – Kathleen’s muttered behind my back. That voice was so soft and so melodic that it had rumbled in my ears causing a strange reaction within me. My skin had bristled under the water.

I turned in a reflex action to see the owner of those words. And it was Kathleen in her mid-twenties was standing at the other end of the pool looking at me. Her black half-mane fell smoothly over her shoulders and highlighted the pallor of her skin. Half-naked, covered only by a navy blue bikini with white dots, she left a body that I found to be most sensual.

Small Breasts and Long Legs

I was amused to observe her small breasts and long legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off her anatomy and being honest, even though I had never noticed another woman in that way, I didn’t stop to ask myself why I was so strongly attracted to her.

Not much. – I answered shyly and seriously. In the end you get used to it. I added.

Kathleen Entered the Pool

Kathleen didn’t answer. Slowly she walked down the steps and into the water. When she emerged, her wet hair was shining from the sun. From the deep part of the pool I saw her swimming in my direction, which made me even more nervous than I was already. These sensations had never been provoked by a woman before.

She rested both arms on the white floor and dropped her head on top of them. Her tabby eyes and her intense gaze were on my small but expressive brown eyes. A beautiful smile peeked out of her face and I still didn’t understand why I was so restless, as we came very close to each other.

The Touching of Skin

I could not tell if the rubbing of our legs was caused by the swaying of the water or if, on the contrary, it was something intentional on her part and unconscious on mine. The fact is that our skins touched for a few seconds.

We both remained silent, without taking our eyes off each other. Suddenly his right hand caressed my cheek, pulling away a tuft of hair that fell to my wet face. From that moment on, my mind asked my whole being to act without thinking and that is what I did.

Touching Her Lips

I ran one of my fingers around the contour of her lips impregnated with tiny drops of water. Without realizing it, I drew a path that ended up in the valley between his neck and his shoulders. She turned her body a few millimeters to face me and her hands began to caress me under the water.

At that very moment, the least important thing was to understand the situation, to find an explanation for the attraction I had felt for a person I had not seen for more than ten minutes of my life. The only thing that interested me was to extinguish the burning under my skin.

The Grabbing of Legs

She gently grabbed one of my legs and positioned it so that I was around her waist, with enough room for her to put her hand in between the two as she was doing.

I looked up trying to find out if anyone else was witnessing what was happening in that pool. But there was no sign of other eyes on the balconies or terraces.

My eyes drifted from one face to the other. My chest went up and down very quickly and I began to feel a burning heat in my lower abdomen. I had always assumed that one of my fantasies was to be watched by someone else while I was fucking, but I never imagined that I could make it happen. I turned my attention back to her eyes.

Sensation all over the body

My lips collided with hers and I felt each hair on my skin stand up again as her nipples hardened. Her mouth tasted sweet and spicy at the same time, it was absolutely delicious. I could hear loud, deep breathing, which excited me even more.

With my right hand, still between our bodies, I pulled the fabric off her bikini and my fingers began to gently caress her clitoris. The movements increased in pace until they became wild. I noticed how her nipples were also hardened with my right hand. I stopped massaging them delicately and started devouring, biting and licking them desperately.

Fingers Inside and Pleasure in the end

I stuck my fingers inside her, causing a drowned out cry to get lost in the density of the environment. We both looked at each other so as not to miss a single detail of each others expression, which was overflowing with the pleasure we were giving each other.

At that very moment, an electrifying tingle ran through my feet and up to my neck, which led to an orgasm.

I felt myself relaxing, unwinding, and the freedom I had gone to seek was so intermingled with the pleasure I had been made to experience that I was unable to distinguish one sensation from another. I left the pool, turning my back. I wrapped my still shaky body in the towel and turned to smile at Kathleen.

Pleasure Kathleen! I said….

A wonderful pleasure! – Kathleen answered, leaving the pool and heading for the terrace where our friends had no idea what had just happened.

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