Sex Story#8: Intimacy+Movie+Food+Beer

Sex during Covid Lockdown

This is an erotic story by Rob on his sexual encounter with Martina during Covid-19.

It’s understood that the virus must be treated with respect, because has happened all over the world. But you also have to understand that human being need the social contact, to see people. Otherwise they will go crazy.

Rob is Single

Rob is 30 years old, single and lives alone. In these more than 40 days of mandatory quarantine, he appealed to Whatsapp and other social networks to cast virtual hooks, “to see if someone would be interested. He had seen Martina, living nearby to his house before, and was confident enough to talk about the experience of confinement, and in particular, how they had been dealing with sexual abstinence.

Martina is divorced

Martina is 38 years old, separated and has a daughter. At that time the daughter was with the father. However she had emotional bonding with Rob. But during quarantine, they wanted to take their relationship forward.

Martina – The Perfect Planner

To avoid lynchings and neighborhood complaints, Martina told the doorman in her building that a technician was coming to fix a problem she had with her computer.

Rob walked about twenty, thirty blocks.

So the plan was: have sex, watch a movie, eat something and have a few beers. Something as simple as connecting with Rob, sharing a conversation, things that those of us who live alone miss. It took a while for the computer to fix, because he stayed from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night.

Then she assured thanks to that “time of mental, physical and sexual recreation. Today she is in a better mood, takes things in a different way. It’s like that battery recharge she needed. He came super charged, with bad vibes, anxiety…”. And they did it so erotically till both got exhausted.

And Rob did not regret his actions neither Martina. They both would do it again especially Martina as she didn’t feel guilty at all because it did a lot of good psychologically.

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