Sex Story#2: Intimacy in Beer Bar Warehouse

Sex Story - Intimacy in Beer Bar

Hi, I’m Mini and here’s my story of sex inside a beer bar….

I have always been one of those people who never did crazy things and has everything organized. I always need to have the situation under control and, since someone tries to take that control away from me, I go crazy. This applied to all areas of my life, until I met John.

It all started in that bar that I had never been to in my life, but that my friends frequented on Friday afternoons. I didn’t understand why they didn’t get tired of being there. There was nothing special about it either, other than a huge wooden bar, a TV for watching games and some chairs scattered around the place, although not enough for the number of people who went.

I was dressed directly in my work clothes: a white shirt, a black tube skirt, a cardigan and some heels. When I arrived at the bar, I realized how much I was out of place there. Everyone was dressed more casually and people seemed much more relaxed than I was. My friends greeted me from their table and I walked over.

-You made it, Mini! – exclaimed one of them

From then on, they began to toast that I was finally with them on a Friday and not in the office. The truth is that they were right, I missed them too. They started asking for beers, beers and more beers! I got a little carried away since I hadn’t been drinking alcohol for quite some time.

By the time I had taken off my cardigan and unbuttoned two buttons on my shirt, the bar was packed and ordering was not that easy. So, happy enough, I went over to the bar to order.

Encounter with green eyed sexy guy

What I didn’t expect was to find a young boy with green eyes and a dark complexion walking from one side to the other, dressed completely in black. It had been a long time since I had sex and that explains my overreaction: biting my lower lip and looking up and down at him.

Without realizing it, I had even glued my breasts to the bar. What I expected even less was for him to be in front of me to attend to me.

-What shall I put on?

“You put me,” I thought.

-Five beers and your number.

Gods, I didn’t even believe what I had just said! Was I stupid? The beers had affected me a lot, yes, but there was no going back and if I regretted it, it would be worse. But at least I made him laugh…

-What table are you at?

He was playing crazy! “Mini, you’re pathetic,” I thought to myself.

-The seven,” I answered.

He came out of the bar and took the beers to the table. When my friends saw me arrive, they were silent: they had never seen me embarrassed before. The boy put down the beers and, before I sat down, grabbed me by the elbow and muttered:

-To get my number, you have to know my name first, don’t you think?

The pressure of his fingers on my elbow and his staring at me made my hair stand on end and my nipples were so sore. God, I really felt like it.

-What’s your name, then?

Come with me and I’ll tell you my name

I looked at my friends, who urged me to follow him with their mischievous looks and raised thumbs that said, “He’s hot, go get him. So that’s what I did. He grabbed my hand and led me past the bar to what I thought was the warehouse.

I was very nervous, but at the same time I felt rebellious. I never thought I could relate to that word, even though I didn’t recognize myself at the time.

I took advantage of the fact that the boy was in front of me to observe his wide back and narrow hips with a nice ass. Would he play soccer? No idea, but I no longer cared about the answer when we stood in the middle of two shelves full of food and drinks.

-Don’t they let you talk to customers?

-No. I just work at the bar and my boss won’t let me leave.

That’s when I noticed his interest in me as I walked over to my table to get my beers. I smiled and unconsciously bit my lip. He also smiled and said:

-Well, my name is…

-Shut up,” I put my index finger to his lips and went over to him. You can tell me later…

-After what?

-After this.

Sex begins

I jumped to his lips and he soon played along. His tongue and mine intermingled, turning the kiss into something deeper, wilder. He pressed me against him and I noticed his erection, just as he felt the heat of my desire: we were a perfect match. I smiled to myself and started to unbutton his pants, but he stopped me.

He parted from me and shook his head. I frowned and, when I went to ask, was surprised when he opened my shirt suddenly, breaking all the buttons in his path. He massaged my breasts and released them from the bra to start licking them. I gasped in delight and grabbed her hair.

-Turn around, he ordered. And spread your legs.

I was so horny that after two seconds I listened to his order and put my hands on a shelf. He pulled up my skirt and without warning penetrated me. I let out a moan of joy and the boy covered my mouth with his hand so that no one would hear me, and with the other he grabbed my hip to lunge at me. He hit me with a whip that echoed throughout the place. His strikes were accurate and kept going up in rhythm until my legs were shaking. I was arching to give him more access and he was moaning. I would take advantage of a moment to grab my long hair and pull it tightly, provoking me.

-Like this… -he muttered with a voice full of desire.

So, he continued to increase the rhythm until I saw my orgasm coming. It took a few more seconds for the boy to feel his seed sliding down my inner thighs. We stayed there for a few moments; he needed to recover his strength and I did not want to be separated from what my legs were shaking.

– John.


-My name is John.

We laughed and got back together, putting everything in order.

-I’m Mini. I introduced myself, resting my head on a box of soda cans.

From that moment on, John and I had found an amazing sexual connection. He was always in charge and I obeyed. I had realized that, in at least one facet of my life, I was not the one who liked to have everything under control.

See how sex evolves when Mini meets John after a month’s gap

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