Sex Story#1: Sensuous Intimacy at Traffic Signal

Sex Story - Erotic Sex Starts at Traffic Signal

Last whole month Mini was working in the office and her tight schedule did not allow her to meet anyone. But on Friday evening on the last day of the Month and she was about to sign-off from her work, message came on her mobile from John and it read…..

  • Hello Mini! – How are you?

Due to her hectic schedule, Mini really needed a break at a peaceful place. That’s it, only a break and nothing else. And a simple message from John turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

And she responded – I’m very tired John and really want to take a break.

John understood from the tone of her message what Mini is going through. And he responded back…

  • Would you like to have dinner tonight?

As Mini was really tired she first though of replying with NO.

However…..with John she had started to enjoy relationships, sexuality, getting to know her body…But since both their schedules had become hectic for a month, they simply could not get in touch with each other and both had disappeared and didn’t show any signs of meeting again for 3-4 weeks.

And another message displayed on her screen….

  • Mini?

Conversation continued…….

  • Hi John! Nice to see your message… I’ve been busy last whole month… how are you?
  • Looking forward to seeing you… I promise to take you to a place you’ll love, he replied.
  • John..… I don’t know if it’s a good idea for us to meet again.
  • Just for dinner Mini… really.

But their last meeting came into the memory of Mini’s mind and she wrote a clumsy…’ well, okay’.

  • Great, I’ll pick you up in an hour and a half…replied John without delay…

During those ninety minutes, Mini carefully made her feel like the sexiest woman in the world. It was summer and it was hot, but she decided to put on a long dress with an opening on the side, which showed off her figure and the tan on the legs. Of course, she also chose her panty with mischief and convinced herself to only see it when she returned her home. She left her hair down, put on the maroon lipstick and wore the sandals. Ready!

In front of the doorway of my house, John was waiting for her at half past nine, as punctual as ever. He was particularly handsome. That golden color of the July sun marked his features even more and brought out that smile that took my breath away.

  • Summer suits you,” he said as he looked for the address of the restaurant on his mobile phone.

The journey was uncomfortable. It was a mixture of desire and rejection in equal parts. The white wine they chose for dinner helped to soften the situation.

  • You look beautiful, Mini. It’s having you in front of me and losing me.

I tried to divert the subject, but his eyes devoured her and, much to her regret, mine did the same with him. They endured the dinner without practically touching each other, perhaps some nervous hand rubbing, but nothing beyond that.

  • It’s too early – he said as they left the restaurant.
  • Mini said she know a place near the beach where they can go for a drink. She proposed without even thinking for a minute.

And it started with a……..KISS

They were heading towards the bar, when suddenly John grabbed Mini by her waist and kissed. Their lips met with despair, tongues were lost in every nook and cranny. They savored every moment of that kiss as if it were the first and at the same time the last one they were going to give each other. They kept walking towards the bar, but were already lost.

Intense conversation begin on the Sofa

They asked for a couple of drinks and sat down on the farthest sofa. As it was summer and they were next to the beach, there were many tourists around but none noticed them.

Their conversation was getting more and more intense…

  • John started….Mini, at night I dream that I have you in my bed. That I slowly undress you and search for all the moles on your body with my tongue. Then I blindfold you and you let yourself go…
  • John, please stop. You don’t know how wet I am already.
  • Let me check.

He took advantage of the fact that the table on our side got up to pay to stick his hand through the opening of my dress and checked that she wasn’t lying.

  • Give me your panty and let me keep it all night – he whispered in her ear.

Mini goes to the bathroom

Mini went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She saw desire, a desire to go all the way in her eyes. She slipped her black lace panties down the sexy legs and tucked them tightly into her fist. They were soaked.

His eyes went all over her body when she came out of the bathroom. They stood at the height of her hips and their lips smiled in delight. She opened her hand and left panties there with an implicit consent to explore her body once more.

The KISS Continued…..

They continued to kiss. The neck, the lobe, the lips…. His excitement (and hers were clearly felt) started to become unbearable, so they decided to leave. As soon as they got into the car, he put his hand in her crotch and Mini…just let him to do it….

And it started finally…at the traffic signal

She wanted to kill him at that moment, but then came a red light. And his hand came back to her. Green again. That intermittent pleasure excited her even more. The road to her house was a very long drive with about ten traffic lights… and at each one they were investigating each others’ bodies in different ways.

They didn’t think that they were not alone in the city, but didn’t care. Each amber light was a new opportunity to let ourselves go and feel the pleasure of touching each other.

When Mini thought she couldn’t take it anymore, they arrived at a corner. They didn’t even wait to get on. He put a stop to it and took her in his arms. She tore off her dress and kissed the breast with impetus, that sent burning sensation over the nipples. Meanwhile, she was impatiently looking for his penis, eager to put it in my mouth and make him scream with pleasure.

She Moaned….

As Mini sat on him and let him penetrate deeply. The breathing accelerated and ended up turning into a gasp. She grabbed his hair and sank into his hips. Her arms were around him and they both lost control. Her cheeks were burning and his hands were shaking. And they both were drenched in sweat and saliva.

And that pleasure moment lasted for over a 30 minutes…..

A Week…Later…..

  • Hi John! Would you like to have dinner tonight? I have something to return that I found in my trousers pocket – she wrote John a week later……
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