Sex Story#5: Two Girls Inside Bathroom

Two Girls Getting Heat Up

This is an erotic story by Maria on her lesbian sex with Jeannie inside the bathroom.

It all started when I entered professional work at that time I was 23 years old. My development was already too much because my breasts were already marked a lot and do not say my ass has been one of my greatest virtues as I remember the boys older to me look at me on the street when it happened.

Well, continuing in the story, I remember that quickly as any other girl I met my office colleagues the first day, we were a group of 4. However, I will focus more on the one who became significant, her name was Jeannie, white skinned, nearly same height as mine. Only a few inches were the ones that differentiated us, her tits were really too small but her ass was at least a little bigger but not as big as mine because she was very thin, also her innocent little face with those black eyes, long eyelashes and that little mouth made her beautiful.

After a few weeks of work, we became good friends and did almost everything together. It was one day in November when something happened that I didn’t expect would ever happen to me, as I was going on the night shift at my office.

She wanted to go to bathroom

Jeannie told me that she wanted to go to the bathroom, so as always I went with her, only a few good laughs were enough for the prefect to let us go together, so when the truth came to me I didn’t go so I waited inside the bathrooms for my friend to finish.

Finger insider cock

A lot of time passed and Jeannie didn’t come out so I opened the cubicle as a joke but when I saw she had her skirt up, her underwear down and her finger insider her cock. I blushed when I saw her and she just pulled me into the cubicle.

After a while of staring at us to break the silence I asked her what she was doing when it was more than obvious what she was doing…She blushed and told me nothing. So I told her: you were masturbating…blushing she nodded…and then she asked me if I was doing it…I answered no…then she looked at me touching her smiling lip with a finger and said do you want me to show you.

She took my hand to her cock

I didn’t answer but a sensation ran through my body and without saying anything she took my hand, approached it to her part and manipulating it she began to caress that little piece of cock covered by hair.

I began to warm up and sweat cold, she noticed and began to take off her school sweatshirt after the school shirt while I continued to caress her. She told me how they look, the only thing that was visible was her black bra and a pair of pointed vultos that stick out, she completely unbuttoned and let me see those small breasts that caused me a strange sensation.

Caressing the breasts

She grabbed me and hugged me tightly then took my hand and made me caress those little breasts, I don’t know if it was a natural instinct but I started to lick them with my tongue while she made gestures of pleasure then without asking permission she took me by the waist and little by little under her hands until my breasts were squeezed and spanked over the panties I was wearing. Without further ado, I kissed her on the mouth and she put her hand under my panties and my underwear, squeezing and spanking.

We both undressed

She stopped for a while, smelled her hand and passed it through my nose, then ordered me to take off my clothes, full of lust I removed my sweater, then my shirt and finally my black bra, my breasts came out bouncing to what she started to suck squeeze and I immediately felt strange but then full of pleasure.

When she finished we both took off practically the last thing she was wearing: her skirt, her mid-knee shorts, her white socks and her shoes. Both of us were exposed to the nakedness and both of us hugged touching each other’s buttocks. She was doing the same to me while I was just putting my hands between them, they were so soft and exciting.

Licking Started

Then she sat down in the chair, opened her legs and made me lower my head so I could start licking the cock, she then did the same to me…until we both had an orgasm that ended up sucking each other’s liquids…we got dressed and she told me I love you and I told her I love you more…and we gave each other one last kiss which was the best I have ever given in my life.

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